Building A Website Around a World

When creating my website, I had the idea of making a place online that was not only about my books, but about the worlds I’ve created. I find world-building to be the most interesting part of writing, and I love making up new sets of rules explaining how the universe works, and populating these settings with characters who have a unique take on their universe. While I respect the heck out of the people who write stories that take place in the real world, and who can make them fit seamlessly into the non-fiction of our lives, writing in our world just isn’t my passion.

So I’ve decided that my website will be a portal to different realms in my imagination. Going forward, I intend to first create a sub-domain attached to this site for my Shadows Universe. It’s the one I’m most familiar with, as I’ve spent the last four years visiting and exploring it. I also intend to write blog posts – on something that hopefully resembles a regular Friday schedule (yay for impending weekends!) – detailing how I world-build, and putting together a list of resources for others trying to get started creating their own fantastic lands, worlds, and galaxies.

I’ll close today’s post with a quick tip for the very newest newbies:

If you’re looking for cliches, common story and character archetypes, or just basics on how stories are similar to each other, check out TV Tropes. If you’re looking for a great way to build a story idea, take two or three tropes at random, and see what you come up with that fits the criteria. Just a word of warning, though: reading tropes is really fun. I mean addictive levels of fun. Take a breather if you notice you have 20 tabs open at once.

For those new to my site, welcome! I’m looking forward to giving you more cool world-building tips next Friday. And keep watching this site – there will be some cool updates coming down the pike…just as soon as I learn how to design them!