New Year’s Resolutions – 2017

I meant to do this post a lot earlier in the day – actually, considering that it’s past midnight, I meant to do it yesterday! But it’s been a full day:


-Today, I walked 10,000 steps instead of the 5,000 per day that I’ve done for the past six months. While I was doing it, I read 40% of Darren Hardy’s The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster. I’m a big fan of his first book, The Compound Effect, as after reading it I used the charts to kick-start my exercise regimen and have lost a great deal of weight in the past two years. I’m enjoying the second book, and have some really good ideas for how to put it into action going forward this year.

-Today, I got out of bed early and didn’t let the laundry or dishwasher sit untouched.

-Today, I didn’t overeat. Actually, I didn’t overeat at the New Year’s Eve party either. In fact, I haven’t overeaten to the point of making myself sick in months. I’ve avoided foods that my system can’t handle, and have continued making adjustments to my diet to become healthier while still being able to enjoy delicious food whenever I want.

-Today, I did the first class in a 31 day Youtube yoga program: Yoga With Adriene: Revolution. Adriene is a blast to hang out with; she’s always in a good mood, and she makes you feel like you are stronger than you thought. Between her and my weekly in-person instructor, I’ve become more flexible, relaxed, and fit than I ever imagined possible. Two years ago, I couldn’t touch my toes with a ruler in hand, let alone see them from a standing position over the pot-belly. Now, my hands can go palms-flat to the floor and it’s not even a stretch. Yoga is amazing, it truly is.


So you may be wondering, if I’ve done so many cool things over the past few years, where are my resolutions? After all, I didn’t just lose weight and become flexible, I also published a book this past year, finished a second book (coming early 2017), and started a third. Pretty cool, right?

Well, I didn’t think so.

Instead, I spent more time in 2016 worrying about the things I hadn’t accomplished than I did being proud of what I had. And that lack of pride has cost me: I spent the year feeling like a failure, and wanting to go hide in a corner. When I could have been churning out books and sharing them with people to make their lives brighter, I hid behind my computer. And I’ve realized that it brings me no closer to my true goal.

My goal is to make people’s lives brighter and better through my work, to help them escape into another world when they need it, and to give them characters to befriend and root for who make them feel less lonely. Just publishing a book isn’t enough. Even publishing ten or a hundred wouldn’t be enough if they’re not giving anything back to people.

So this year, my resolution is simple:

Be. Confident.

If I can’t believe in myself, how can I help others to believe in themselves? If I’m not proud of who I am – complete with all my quirks – then how can I help others to be proud of who they are? And if I’m not confident in the quality of my work, I can’t convince others that it can help them. I can’t even convince myself of the purpose to writing more.

So here I am, meeting the world again. Hi! I’ve introduced myself on three blogs, including this one, and then I’ve hidden away again. Going to try really hard not to do that this time. My name is Erica Converso. I’m happily married and live with my husband and our hyper and none-too-bright cat. My old blog, Pyrakanthe’s Place, is in the links. My other blog is AG2Zoo, where I post pictures of my American Girl dolls and their friends. I share their stories and photographs with friends. I also like YA fantasy, good romance novels (Anne Stuart, Nora Roberts, and Justine Dare Davis, I’m looking at you!), and Pokémon. Actually, like might be a little tame to describe that last one. 20-years-obsessed fan might be closer. 🙂

And you know what? I’m cool with all those things.

More than cool. I’m proud of my hobbies and interests.

And I’m going to be proud of me.


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