The Girl Who Fell

The Girl Who Fell
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Publisher: Astrion Publishing
Publication Year: 2014
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About the Book

Shiloh Glendunne always follows the rules. So she figures nothing bad will happen if she breaks them just once to help her only friend. But when she’s caught doing something she’s not supposed to, the consequences are more dire than she could have ever imagined. Exiled from home, she is alone in a world full of terrifying creatures called shadows who she’s always been told to fear.

But the shadows are not what they seem. Arriving in a strange town, Shy finds that the world outside of her secluded home views shadows as the very center of their society. The mysterious creatures who wield the power of the elements are used to power technology, as companions, and most importantly, as warriors. Those who battle with them gain international acclaim.

Shy finds that she has a knack for battling, and there she finds the acceptance she’d always yearned for. But when a threat from her past catches up with her, she will have to risk everything to stay in the world she’s come to love, and to save the friends and shadows who have become her family.

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