Into the Sky

Into the Sky
Publisher: Astrion Publishing
Publication Year: 2016
ISBN: 9781944620004
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About the Book

When the peasants rose up and overthrew the royal family of Taralin, the nobles were killed as the charismatic leader known as the Arkos took power. In the uproar, the arion – mounts of the noble Talaria riders who protected the land – lost their wings. The revolution cost Alcione everything – her home, her family, even her very identity. Disguised as a stable boy, the former noble travels to the capital in search of a magical crown rumored to guide the living to the world of the dead, where she can save her lost loved ones.

Along the way, she befriends a prickly arion named Romi, with whom she shares a special connection. She begins to wonder if finding the crown will help restore more than just her family, but the order she knew as a child. However, as she comes closer to her goal, she is torn, having formed a life for herself in her new identity where she finally has friends and a place to belong.

In the end, Alcie will have to make a choice between her two lives, and will risk everything to find out if the crown truly holds the answers she seeks.

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