A Bright and Distant Star

A Bright and Distant Star
$13.99eBook: $3.99
Publisher: Astrion Publishing
Publication Year: 2017
Length: OUT SUMMER 2016 - Subscribe to the newsletter for more information!
ASIN: 1944620036
ISBN: 9781944620035
"Riddle asked, puzzle spun,
You'll be lost before you've won."
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About the Book

“Riddle asked, puzzle spun, You’ll be lost before you’ve won.”

Alcione has found the first stone that leads to the land of the dead. With four more, she can find a way back to the family that was taken from her. But it won’t be easy, and it will test her bond with her best friend Tremi to its limits.

Meanwhile, the Arkos has assigned shy and studious Seffina to track the whereabouts of Alcione and her friends. The trail will lead her to Tion, who continues to walk a dangerous line between sides. If Seffina betrays him, it will doom not only Tion, but Alcie and her friends as well.

As Alcione tries to decipher the strange dreams that draw her to the woods of the Saorn, Seffina learns that the future of the kingdom may rest with the children she’s been tasked to find. And as the two draw nearer to meeting, a foe that frightens even the Arkos looms on the horizon.

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